Viking God Odin

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Viking Main God Odin

Who Was The Norse God Odin

The Viking god Odin was the main god of the ancient Scandinavian Norse people. He is referred to as all father (Alfadir) because he was considered the father of the gods. Odin is also referred to as Wotan (Old German) or Woden (Anglo-Saxon). He was the wisest of the Norse gods and was known for seeking knowledge. On this page we provide information on who this medieval god was, where he lived, and how he died.

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List of Facts about Odin

How the Norse God Odin Obtained Knowledge and Wisdom

To gain supreme knowledge Odin sacrifices an eye for a drink from the well of a giant named Mimr. Later on when Mimir is killed Odin takes his severed head and magically keeps it alive. The head tells Odin many secrets and Odin consults it when emergencies occur.

In order to gain knowledge of the Runes Odin hung himself from the world tree Yggdrasil with his own spear for nine nights. Ever since then he never eats and only drinks wine.

Norse God Odin's Home - Valhalla

The Viking god Odin resided in Valhalla (Hall of the battle slain). From his throne Hlidarskialf in Valhalla, where he rested his feet on a golden footstool, he could see all nine of the Viking worlds. In this palace all of the furniture and utensils were made of gold or silver. Also living in this magnificent palace were all the warriors, since the beginning of time, that had died in battle. Every day the warriors would fight each other and cut each other to pieces. Every evening the warriors, healed completely from their wounds, would dine with Odin in Valhalla. The palace is huge and has six hundred and forty doors. On the day of the epic final battle of the gods called Ragnarok nine hundred and sixty dead warriors passed through each door on their way to battle the giants.